Bulletin of currency exchange in Khomeini's 4 capital cities: Citizen Journalism Corner

Bulletin of currency exchange in Khomeini's 4 capital cities: Citizen Journalism Corner

In [Iranian Imam] Khomeini's four capital cities:

  1. Iraq: $1 = 1500 dinars
  2. Yemen: $1 = 1000 riyals
  3. Syria: $1 = 3200 Syrian liras
  4. Lebanon: $1 = 19,000 Lebanese liras

Four countries being destroyed by Iran. Who will rescue them?/A Facebook post by Salah Al-Eradah

  1. One dollar now equals 1020 Yemeni riyals. President Hadi is asking for a Saudi deposit to save the riyal/Tweet by Saeed Alhassani
  2. When Maeen Abdulmalik took office as a PM, he said his government would tackle the country's economy only and won'thandle the military dossier. He broke promise as to the former and kept promise as to the latter. Would that he left the economic dossier too. Unfortunately, he schemed with the UAE's loyalists and others to undermine the currency./Tweet by Mohammed Almaazabi
  3. One US dollar has exceeded 1000 Yemeni riyals in value. The riyal is depreciated and nears final collapse. It is a real famine awaiting our kinship and your kinship in Yemen/Tweet by the chairman of Yemen's Shura Council Ahmed bin Daghr.
  4. Our brethren in the Arabian Gulf. The Yemeni people are drowning as you stand by. The Yemeni people are waiting for you to fulfill your promises. Yemen's collapse will make you drown too. /FB post by economic expert Ahmed Ahmed Ghaleb
  5. One central bank is in the hands of Iran and another in the hands of the UAE. This is the natural result./FB post by Mohammed Alsamiee.
  6. The riyal's steep decline is a plot to pin the blame on the government and make Iran's Houthis in Sana'a appear as a successful government. So that the Yemeni people surrender to them.


But everyone in Yemen are aware that the government does run any central bank. It was not allowed to run any central bank. It is the UAE and Iran who are running Yemen's 'two central banks' up to this day. /FB post by Yaser Al-Hodheifi



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