Houthi militant kills young boy in Sana'a: Press Summary

Houthi militant kills young boy in Sana'a: Press Summary

  1. The main Houthi militant manning Khawlan Street checkpoint in Sana'a shot dead young man Jamil Sharyan after he refused to pay an extortion, informed sources said. / Voice of Freedom website
  2. The Houthi militia in Sana'a are seeking to usurp the houses and assets of 39 pro-government MPs./Alharf 28 website
  3. A Houthi leader usurps Dhamar public stadium/ Multiple webites
  4. Houthi militants shell Jabal Al-Or area in Yafe'a, a southern Yemen district./Aden Alghad
  5. Dozens of forcibly disappeared people in Hodeidah are cooped up in metal containers despite blistering summer heat, a human rights league has said/Yemen Monitor
  6. The Association of the Mothers of the Hostages in Houthi jail stage a rally and appeal to the international community to secure the release of their relatives in Hodeidah./Alsahwa Net
  7. Fierce clashes are raging outside Marib and in Aljawf and Al Beidha/Multiple websites

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