STC militia's escalation in Shabwa has nothing to do with south cause: Press Summary

STC militia's escalation in Shabwa has nothing to do with south cause: Press Summary


  1. The [UAE-backed] Southern Transitional Council militia's escalation in the Shabwa has nothing to do with the activism advancing the south Yemen (secession) cause./Aden Alghad website (editorial)
  2. The UAE has recently established a new separatist brigade in south Yemen. It bears the name "Support and Backup Forces" and aims to compete MbZ's plot to divide Yemen and seize its islands, seaports and sensitive regions/Multiple websites
  3. The US Envoy Lenderking & UN Resident Humanitarian Coordinator Gressly reiterate the importance of immediate ceasefire in talks they held over Yemen./Multiple websites drawing info. from the US State Department's twitter account
  4. The Yemeni army recaptured Al-Zaher district in Al Beidha on Thursday afternoon after Houthi militants made an incursion and filmed their comeback in front of the local Security Department headquarters. The army seized the militants' camera, in addition toarms, trucks. /Multiple websites
  5. The Yemeni army repels attacks, advances, and arrests two Houthi commanders in Al Beidha/News Line website
  6. Houthis cut Al Beidha off telecommunications and hack internet accounts of local activists and leaders/Multiple websites
  7. One US dollar nears the 1000 mark versus the Yemeni Riyal as the latter collapsed further this Thursday morning /Yemen Time
  8. Wounded pro-gov't warriors stage a protest at the government's negligence of their treatment./Bawabati


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