New anti-Houthi uprising in a new Yemeni province, 10s killed: Press Summary

New anti-Houthi uprising in a new Yemeni province, 10s killed: Press Summary

  1. Breaking news: The tribes of Dho Hussein in [north Yemen's] Aljawf province started Wednesday an armed uprising against the Houthi militia in tandem with the uprising of [central Yemen's] Al Beidha province. Tens of people have been killed in the ongoing clashes./Almashehad Alyemeni website.
  2. Clashes erupt between Houthi militia and tribes loyalist to them in Aljawf after Houthi gunmen in Sanaa arrested a member of the tribe and Houthi figure Khaled Hamoud Shaje'a/Bawabati.
  3. Tribes in Aljawf defect and rise up against Houthis, isolate the province's center and arrest a Houthi military convoy leader in fierce clashes/Mareb Press website.
  4. The UAE's proxy militia, the STC, attack protesters against hard living conditions in Radfan, south of Yemen/Al-Etiihad Net
  5. The UAE's STC militants start a campaign on twitter to sta the Yemeni army in the back by portraying the showdown in Al Beidha as one between AlQaeda in Houthis in a bid to show the army as militants/Multiple wesites.
  6. The tribes of Aljawf province ambush and destroy a Houthi military convoy west of the provincial capital, Alhazm.The envoy was coming to aid Houthi militants in attacking them/Almashehad Alyemeni.
  7. Radaa and Qayfaa tribes in central Yemen's Al Beidha province refuse for the first time Houthi orders to send fighters to fight againt the government and pro-government forces seeking to capture the province's capital. /Multiple websites
  8. Dahm tribes [in northern Yemen] block Houthi military supply lines in the highway between Aljawf and Harf Sufyan region in Amran with support from Hamdan tribes./Yemen Voice

  9. Yemen's government spokesman: Unifying the national ranks will expedite the liberation of Sana'a./Multiple websites
  10. As army advances close to Al Beidha, the Houthi militia withdraw all the funds in the central bank's branch in the city./Multiple websites.
  11. The Security Committee of Shabwa has uncovered an Emirati plot to trigger chaos in the government-held southeastern province at the same time as the war rages between government forces and Houthis in Al Beidha province./Yemen Monitor


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