Come and see the achievements of Shabwa Cleanliness Fund: Citizen Journalism Corner

Come and see the achievements of Shabwa Cleanliness Fund: Citizen Journalism Corner

  1. Come and see the achievements of the Cleanliness Fund in Shabwa province. We, in Taiz, are not even a match to them now. At least remove the litter from streets [Oh, Taiz government]/Facebook post by Fahd Al-Mekhlafi Al-Arhabi
  2. Shabwa is inaugurating many projects at a fast pace:roads, power supply, city improvement and more.In just the past few days, contracts were awarded to several companies to carry out a maintenance for Ataq Airport's runway, repairing Al-Aabr highway with Marib, paving new roads within the province of Shabwa, etc. Shabwa is an example of what Yemenis can do in circumstances of stability./ Facebook post by Majed Belkhair
  3. All Yemeni stakeholders must remember that they were part of the government when the Houthi militia overthrew the government and besieged president Hadi at his home. …They were all responsible for protecting the state, but they surrendered it and surrendered themselves to the putchists./ FB post by Hadi Alqanisi
  4. Just three days ago, the spokesman of the Houthi militia was vowing to reach every inch of Yemen to [to purge it from the government supporters], now he is speaking about peace!/FB post by Abdulbari Mohammed.
  5. Sleep inflicted itself on me and I have just woken up. More of the good news guys, God bless you. It is a historical and defining battle. It is either us or them. Without defeating them [Houthi terrorists] we have no future. Hold the thread again. From this path the breakthrough is possible: The firearm and our honor./FB post by Mohammed Almayahi.
  6. God bless the army, the popular resistance and the Coalition./Tweet by Talal Altameemi.
  7. All human rights have been confiscated by the Houthis whom you support through your terrorists - not human- rights organizations [oh UN]./Tweet by Mohammed Numi.



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