Citizen journalism corner: Houthi killing of children is double-sided

Citizen journalism corner: Houthi killing of children is double-sided









  1. Such as this will be the future of children in the territories controlled by the armed Houthi group: A graduation (passing) in early childhood from life [to death]. This is how the future of Yemen is buried./ Facebook post by Poet Mohammed Jureid with a Houthi child 'martyr' portrait enclosed.

- Houthi killing of Yemen's children is double sided: The militia kill children indirectly by sending them as recruits to the battlefield and directly by shelling them with rockets on the other side of the frontline. /Tweet by Mohammed Anaam.


  1. The best thing international aid organizations are offering in [the Yemeni government-held] Taiz city is a soap bar, a tin of water and hygiene tips telling you how to wash your hands. *Facebook Post by Fahd Almekhlafi Al-Arhabi
  2. If the Tadhamon Islamic Bank responds to the Houthi militia's orders to transfer President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's savings and deposits to them, the bank will face an existential challenge in the government-held territories and existential challenge before the international community./ FB by Sameer al-Nemri.
  3. The Houthi radical militia are planting booby traps in the minds of young generations filling them with Iranian-style and theocratic ideologies/FB by Mohammed al-Dhebyani with an enclosed awareness-raising flash.
  4. The Houthis are out of the designated terrorists list. What else is the international community waiting for them to do in order to designate them as terrorists?! Tweet by Faheem Alhamed
  5. Bring back the withdrawn Patriot system to defend Marib against Houthi ballistic missiles./FB by Eslam Al-Azab


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