The international conspirators' determination is endless. Ours must be too

The international conspirators' determination is endless. Ours must be too

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

Any moment of calm in Marib is not so on both sides of the frontline.

On the Houthi side, there is always preparation for the next attack.

There will be no end to this.

Houthis have an energy to fight until what they say "the Day of Judgment."   

At any given moment, the Shia militia have around 3000 children being militarily trained or force-fed the Shiit Jaroodi ideology of unlimited hatred for Sunnis.

As we know, the terrorist militia have on the schedule weekly, monthly and yearly offensives for Marib.

Let's not forget they have 'offensives on occasions' too, such as when a senior US makes a new statement imparting the group with words of encouragement and affirmation and indirectly giving them the go-ahead sign!

It is pretty clear now this not going to end. Not even in a trillion years, if Houthis stay in control of Sana'a for a trillion years.

They have the fuel it takes. Enough hatred for Sunni Islam and enough international support to sustain their sectarian war.  

The Houthi push may sometimes go less intense, particularly after the suicidal waves of attackers meet their waterloo at the hands of Marib's defenders.

But the Houthis never tire. Nor the international conspirators supporting them. 

The Houthis have a sea of 25 million people to scoop fighters from.

They are ready to sacrifice them all to achieve victory for the militia's supremacist dynasty. And no one of them can refuse to be drafted.

Yemen faces a global conspiracy fueled by an international hatred for Sunni Islam, to which the majority of Yemenis belong.

The ultimate cause behind the international collusion with Houthis is the same as that which motivated Nathaniel V to mow down a Muslim family with a truck in Canada.

We are in a world full of hatred for Islam- Sunni Islam. A world where many leaders, countries an organizations claim to be global peace sponsors but they are Nathaniel V in private.

Therefore the war on Marib and Sunni Muslims is not going to stop.

Marib needs to be aware.

The "dreaming" city of Taiz needs to wake up and be aware it is the next in the line.

The last course in the meal, it is going to be so delicious for the Houthis.  

The international conspiracy is so malignant and so determined. Therefore Taiz needs to help alleviate the pressure on Marib now.

It needs to summon the stamina for a tireless combat endurance: A stamina similar to that of the enemy, if it wants to survive. 

Few people understand.

But this is the nature of and the truth about the war in Yemen.



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