Islah party condemns assassination of its member Almaysari

Islah party condemns assassination of its member Almaysari




The Yemen Grouping for Reform party (the Islah) has condemned the assassination of one of its senior members in the temporary capital Aden on Wednesday.

In a statement, the Islah said the assassination of Bilal Manour Almaysari, one of the party's leaders in Aden, "comes as an episode in a long series of political assassinations that have targeted dozens of residents of Aden and other governorates, particularly people who have had a role in countering the Houthi putschist agenda."

"This despicable crime is a doubling down in the track of assassinations and murders that have been happening sine the militias seized the temporary capital Aden. They are an inevitable result of the absence of state institutions especially the security and army apparatus, which allowed extremist and violent elements to be in the helm of power," read the statement.

"It has become clear that the path of terrorism and assassination of civilian activists, politicians and social dignitaries is an aspect of the ongoing co-operation between the different violent militias and other  narrow projects that aim to fragment the bigger nation and dash the broader hopes of Yemenis in building a federal Yemen" in place of the dynastical Houthi project.

The party called on the government to assume its responsibility toward hunting the assassins investigating into the incident and setting an end to such crimes. The party also called on the UN and the broader international community to form an investigation panel into the assasinations taking place in Aden since 2016.

It also called on Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a sponsor of the Riyadh Agreement to exert more efforts to force the parties to implement the Riyadh Agreement's military and security provisions to allow for the government's return to Aden and unification of the national ranks against the Houthi coup in north Yemen.

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