Islah party mourns assassination of senior member in Aden

Islah party mourns assassination of senior member in Aden

The Yemeni Grouping for Reform Party (Islah) has mourned the assassination of one of its senior members in Aden city, south of the country on Wednesday.

The Islah demanded in a statement Aden local authority, the governor of Aden, the country's prime minister and ministries of interior and human rights to assume their responsibility in cracking down on the assassin(s) of Bilal Mansour Almaysari and other members of the party and hundreds of Adeni people in previous assassinations over the past years.

An armed group shot Almaysari with four bullets before his house on Wednesday morning while he was about to get into his car.

" The Yemeni Grouping for Reform Party calls on all political parties, CSOs and all rights organizations to condemn this organized terrorism that is being exercised against the leaders and activists of the party," read the statement issued by the Islah office in Aden.  

The party demanded an "end to the state of lawlessness and street warfare prevailing in Aden" and called on the Arab Coalition to assume its role in ending removing the armed militia from Aden and expediting the implementation of the military provisions of the Riyadh Agreement which allow for the government to be control of the security and military apparatuses.

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