Yemen gov’t: Houthi-stolen money could’ve covered public salaries over past 6 years

Yemen gov’t: Houthi-stolen money could’ve covered public salaries over past 6 years


Yemen’s government has said that the money Houthi militia have stolen over the past six years enough money to cover the regular payment of public salaries in their areas of control, in northwest Yemen.

Information Minister Muammar al-Eryani told the state-run news agency ‘Saba’ that the theocratic terrorist militia instead focused the funds extorted at gunpoint from businesses and individuals were instead “diverted to the militiamen’s private bank accounts to finance mass killing of Yemenis, and attacking Yemen’s neighboring countries.”

Al-Eryani pointed to the Houthi illegally levied wealth in just one year, 2020, as an example.

“It is estimated that the militia in 2020 raised $450 million from illicit trade in oil products, $200 million as  telecommunication revenues, $650 million as taxes including on fuel and telecommunication, $150 million as Zakat revenues, and $100 million as endowment revenues.”

"Estimations show that the militia looted millions of dollars in the same year, from black market trade with oil derivatives, private power supply, speculation with foreign currency, extortion of the private sector and others."

The Houthi militia is accused of extorting exorbitant illegal levies from businesses in Sana’a as a compulsory “war effort contribution” which goes to finance the militia’s war on government-held cities such as Marib.

The militia’s warlords also confiscate vulnerable businesses arbitrarily. On Monday the militia in Sana’a declared its seizure of the Tadhamon Islamic Bank which belongs to Hayel Saeed Anaam business tycoons.   

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