Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib city: Press Summary

Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib city: Press Summary


  1. The Houthi militia fired two new ballistic missiles on the government-held Marib city on Tuesday morning. The militia continuously pounds the city with missiles killing civilians who are mostly IDPs /Multiple websites.
  2. Houthi gunman kills his father in Ibbafter the father declined to pay the son an amount of money he asked for/Al-Rashad Press and other news websites.
  3. The exchange rate of the US dollar rockets versus the Yemeni Riyal/Multiple websites
  4. An Ethiopian man has been slaughtered by knife in Sana’a/Almashehad Alkhaleeji.
  5. Sources have leaked that Yemen’s President Hadi will return from the USA to Almahra governorate in his country, not back to his in-exile residence in Riyadh./London-based Al-Arab newspaper and website.
  6. The State of Kuwait demands an international action to stop the “criminal works” of Yemen’s Houthi militia./Alharf 28.
  7. Marib is too unlikely to be captured by Houthis despite the US greenlight./Aden Alghad



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