'While IDPs in Yemen starve, UNDP is feeding dogs': Press Summary

'While IDPs in Yemen starve, UNDP is feeding dogs': Press Summary


  1. While Yemeni IDPs starve, the UNDP announced a tender to procure food for the dogs of its employees./Aden Alghad
  2. Will [Yemen's President] Hadi return from the US directly back to home instead of exile residence in Riyadh?/Aden Alghad.
  3. Dozens of Houthis have been killed and injured as a ballistic missile [they aimed at Saudi Arabia] failed to launch and exploded in the launch area east of Hodeidah city./ Arab Network for News
  4. Twenty years of hidden relationships between Al-Qaeda and Houthis/ Islah Net website.
  5. A Houthi militant has executed a tribal chieftain in northern Yemen's Hajjah province in the Houthi militia's savage way in reprisal for his former support to the government, Multiple websites reported. The Houthi Security Supervisor Majed Shuayb opened fire on Abu Bakr Shami a local councilor and tribal figure of Kuaydina district in Hajjah as he was passing by. Shami had formerly been in late 2018 served a six month jail in the Houthi extremists-run jails for allegedly recruiting soldiers for the government before he was released. Not able to forgive it, the Houthis executed him years after his release.
  6. Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Shehri: Houthi occupation of Yemen is a US policy meant to expand Iran's influence/Riyadh TV channel
  7. The US envoy Lenderking's description of Houthis as 'a legitimate actor' is an implicit call on the militant group to attack Marib, says Yemen's ambassador to the UNESCO/Multiple websites.
  8. 'Five hours instead of five minutes! How travel to Taiz city has become far due to Houthi siege,' reads a headline on Alsahel Algharbi website.

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