US recognition does not change Houthis' status as putschists, says Yemen pres advisor

US recognition does not change Houthis' status as putschists, says Yemen pres advisor

An advisor to Yemen's President Abd-Rabb M. Hadi has said that the recent US recognition of "Houthi militia as 'a legitimate actor' does not change a thing in their status as illegitimate putschists."

In a statement, Abdulmalik al-Mekhlafi said the US envoy Tim Lenderking's statement "does not resolve the Yemeni crisis either."

"But it satisfies illusions of the Houthis."


He said the recognition of the Houthis "looks like the revoking of their terrorist designation. In both moves, the US was under the illusion that this will temper their extremism and attract them to peace… The problem does not lie in the position of Yemenis toward the Houthi but the position of the Houthi toward everyone else."  


Al-Mekhlafi said, "Before the Americans, the Yemeni legitimate government and the rest of the political actors in the country (in 2011) had recognized the Houthi as an actor despite his protracted rebellion.

He was engaged in the national dialogue and the government and deals were struck with him. The outcome was that he persisted in war and carnages and conducted a coup (in 2014). After the coup, rounds of dialogue were held with him to get the [UN Security Council's] resolution 2216 implemented, but the outcome was more Houthi war and more destruction."


"What the Houthi demands," continues al-Mekhlafi, "is not to be recognized as one stakeholder in the country. He seeks the recognition of his coup d'état and his racist superiority. And this is what he won't be able to get from Yemenis or from the world as long as the Yemenis oppose and refuse that."


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