'Sheikk Othman is awaiting fiercer confrontations in coming hours: Milit. sources': Press Summary

'Sheikk Othman is awaiting fiercer confrontations in coming hours: Milit. sources': Press Summary

  1. Military source: Shiekh Othman (the downtown of Aden) is awaiting fiercer confrontations in the coming hours as the Support Forces are preparing to capture the area which is now under control of the Security Belt [both are UAE-backed militias]." /Yemen Voice website.
  2. The commander of the Security Belt forces in Shiekh Othman Akram Almashreqi vowed to repel commander Nabil Al-Mashwashi's Support Forces. He affirmed that "whoever tries to storm Sheikh Othman, his forces will be broken apart in the same way the British forces and Houthi militias were broken by the people of Shiekh Othman." /Voice of Yemen website published this under the title "A declaration of the secession of Sheikh Othman."
  3. Twenty one people were killed and injured in Wednesday's Aden confrontations./Almashehad Alkhaleeji website.

  4. - Heavy explosion rocks Marib as a Houthi ballistic missile hits the eastern Yemen refuge landing on IDPs residences today [Thursday morning]/Almashehad Alkhaleeji and multiple other websites.
  5. Fierce confrontation raged between the Support Forces and the Security Belt Forces [both are UAE-backed militias] in Sheikh Othaman (downtown Aden) on Wednesday. Sources said the two paramilitary forces used light and medium weapons including RPGs spreading panic amongst the city's residents. Local sources said the clashes erupted as the Support Forces seized one of the security outposts in Shiekh Othman town. Other sources attributed the start of the clashes to the Security Belt Forces' seizure of some members of the Support Forces who were wandering the streets carrying arms despite a ban. Civilian casualties fell. Stores and shops were closed, panic spread./Newsline website.
  6. Yemen's temporary capital Aden is seeing a cautious calm after bloody confrontations between different factions within the UAE-backed STC militia/Multiple websites
  7. A senior officer in the UAE's backed STC militia "Brig." Abdulhakeem Alkoobi was seriously shot in the head in an apparently assassination attempt in Aden this Thursday morning. The incident is against the backdrop of the rivalry between the UAE-backed militias evolving to armed confrontations in the city/Multiple websites.
  8. The UAE has offered to pay the residents of Mayoon island financial amounts to leave it, but they refuse, the former governor of Taiz has revealed./Newsline website.

  9. Houthis suffer defeat, lose tens of militants in attempt to press forward on Marib's western front/Almashedhad Aldowali.
  10. The health situation in Taiz is endless miseries and disasters that snatch human lives and break hearts: A Special Report./Yemen Voice
  11. On the oppression that the aboriginals now face in Yemen/Almashehad Alyemeni
  12. Tribesmen from Arhab (Sana'a outskirt) exchange accusations with Houthis after members of the tribe killed on the militia's side in Marib were killed and their bodies were abandoned in the battlefield, unlike other fighters whose bodies were recovered by the milita. The tribesmen accuse the Houthis of physically eliminating their fellow clansmen./Almashehad Alyemeni.
  13. Any return of the government to Aden before the implementation of the security and military provisions of the Riyadh Agreement will be an egregious mistake, says Yemen's Dep. Information Minister Dr. Mohammed Qayzan./Bani Yemen

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