For months, Houthis deploy waves after waves of militants in bid to capture Marib

For months, Houthis deploy waves after waves of militants in bid to capture Marib

The Houthi years long war on the government-held city of Marib is continuing unabated with no sign it will stop as the theocratic terrorist militia not caring how many people they sacrifice at all if that is to bring them any progress toward the city.

Military sources said on Thursday the militia "are pouring waves after waves of fighters in the hundreds and shelling Marib city with ballistic missiles in a demonstration of the militia's apparent stamina for an endless war." "Twenty waves of Houthi militants each consisting of dozens of militants tried to overwhelm the army's defense outposts across the frontlines this Thursday but with they were repelled and the army and local people ambushed many of them."

The source in the army's units repelling the extremists in Al-Kassarah front said this constant pouring of fighters to replace neutralized fighters "comes even though they suffered over 400 manpower losses this week, and a total of 3500 militants mostly radicalized children since the beginning of the latest and especially fierce offensive" on Marib on  February 6 when the US administration of Joe Biden indicated its willingness to end the militia's terror designation.

"The war has been raging every single day since February 6," he said. "In some days and weeks it gets more intensive, but it never stops."

The source said the militia continue the war "without stopping because of the constant lack of will on the international community to hold the militia accountable for anything even as the militia continue to defy the UN Security Council's resolutions into the seventh year."


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