Is Reuters a news agency or a Shiit propaganda machine?

Is Reuters a news agency or a Shiit propaganda machine? صورة تعبيرية

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

To our best knowledge a news agency's function should be to gather and publish objective news as they impose their worth, not as they convey any entity's political message.

Western media outlets covering the Yemeni war as I always say are fanatical propaganda machines for Iran and the too bloody Shiit terrorist organization known as Houthis.

Reuters is a case in point.

Firstly, the typical Reuters story reserves a line for the (self-)defense of Houthis, e.g. "The Houthis say they are fighting a corrupt system and foreign aggression." Almost no story concludes without such a Houthi message. For a non-Yemeni reader, the sentene may not attract attention. For a Yemeni, it is such a shock to see Reuters stories reserve a self-defense opportunity to what Yemenis widely perceive as a Shiit version of - but undoubtedly way bloodier and longer surviving than - ISIS.

Not only that.  Reuters presents only the Houthi point of view and the closing paragraph of Reuters stories are always reserved for it.  

Secondly, Reuters avoids human-interest stories about the war in Marib which an outlet cannot report without casting the Houthis, being the aggressors in, in a bad light.

The ideological western news agency has been opting for reports that exclude the human dimension of the Yemeni conflict and instead focus on political messaging on Houthis' and Iran's behalf: Reports communicating a Houthi message, floating a Houthi idea, playing a landscape confusion role or stimulating the audience to accept a Houthi proposition.

Recently, for example, the agency has manifested a striking focus on stories promoting a bilateral peace deal between the Saudis and Houthis and skipping the Yemeni government. Only a follower of Reuters will notice the agency's obsession with such reports.

The latest work comes under the title "End of Yemen quagmire? Saudi-led coalition, Houthis near peace deal"

As obvious, Reuters is hyping here the perception of Saudi Arabia being in a "quagmire" at continuing to fight Houthis, a sense it and other western media outlets are banding together to feed with no regard to the threatening presence of Iran in its proximity as a qualifier.

Today, Iran has become Saudi Arabia's de facto new neighbor! Saudi Arabia was trying to prevent the emergence of a new Hezbollah in Saada, now it has an Islamic Republic of Iran analogue in most of north Yemen!

Reuters and other western outlets are struggling hard to take the Saudi eyes off this fateful threat.

At a time when Saudi Arabia needs to face up to the danger and seriously finish it off, these outlets suggest - out of ill intentions - a Saudi withdrawal in return for "security guarantees" to be taken from Iran and Houthis!  Yes, take guarantees from Iran and Houthis, relax and go to sleep! Laugh out loud !! Excuse me for going informal here.

Thirdly (finally), Reuters unblushingly states that "a nationwide ceasefire deal would end the most violent aspects of the war -- coalition air strikes on Yemen" even though it is a global knowledge that the most violent aspect of the war in Yemen today is the Houthi ferocious military offensive on Marib.

The Arab Coalition - under the pressure of western media - stopped attacking the Shia extremists in Sana'a long ago, and its airstrikes have for a while been limited to destroying Houthi armed convoys while en route to Marib but still in the desert and barren mountains far from Marib city and far from any other populated areas.

An international conspiracy over the past six years has ensured that Yemen's army stays unarmed! Hence, if this last defense line for Marib, the Coalition's aerial support, is neutralized, the Shia extremists may be able to march on the city commit indescribable massacres against three million Sunnis civilians.   

One can then understand why the British news agency is so much obsessed with a solution that would lead to lifting the Saudi protection for Marib! That would come only from a one-on-one solution between Saudi Arabia and the Houthis.

Only a careful reader can see the commitment of Reuters, and other western media outlets, to their fixed purpose: Furthering the interests of Yemen's Shia sectarian murders.  

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