Houthis sabotage Yemen's plan to reunify the currency they split

Houthis sabotage Yemen's plan to reunify the currency they split

Yemen's Houthis who control the capital Sana'a have sabotaged a bid by the country's legitimate government's to reunify he national currency the Shia sectarian militants had split last year.

The militants, through what they call "the central bank" under their control in Sana'a, said in a statement on Tuesday the new 1,000 riyal banknotes the government's Aden-based central bank started pumping into the market this week are "fake and should not be dealt with, possessed or transferred."

In January 2020, the militants outlawed the government-printed riyals marked out by being new and smaller in size, creating two currencies, two exchange rates and a new severe economic crisis all to play into the militia's war finance plan.

The government printed and started as of Sunday pumping into the market new 1,000 riyal bills of a large size similar to the old and large size bills that Houthis accept.

The Houthi "central bank's" statement ordered the public to identify the government's notes by the serial number on the bills and reject them.



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