Houthi militant kills 12-year-old girl who resisted rape: Press Summary:

Houthi militant kills 12-year-old girl who resisted rape: Press Summary:


  1. A Houthi militant killed 12 year old Maram Al-Ahyal smashing her head with stones after she resisted his attempt to rape her in al-Sho’or area of central Yemen’s Ibb on Thursday/Multiple news websites
  2. As many as 11 Houthi militants were killed and injured in the explosion of a landmine factory in Hays district in western Yemen’s Hodeidah./Almashedhad Alkhaleeji
  3. A Houthi drone killed at least four soldiers and injured 35 others in an attack on Al-Wadee’a border port with Saudi Arabia on Saturday, a security source has said/News Line.
  4. The Saada faction in the Houthi militia is responsible for the death of loyalist general and Saleh-era military officer Hisham Alghorbani as part of growing rift and rivalry within the militia. The militia forced him to make incursions into government-held territories without supplying him with ammunition/Multiple websites
  5. Yemeni journalist Mohammed Al-Shabeeri: The international community has to change its soft /treatment toward Houthis./Aden Alghad
  6. Houthis force a humanitarian aid-laden vessel to leave Hodeidah seaport as part of its Yemen starvation policy, Yemen’s Information Minister said./Multiple websites
  7. Houthi military escalation is depriving half the people of Aljawf from humanitarian relief aid./Bani Yemen.
  8. Saudi mine action program removes 1500 Houthi-laid landmines in the third week of this June./Almanarah Net.
  9. Military analyst Abu Hatem: Houthis are remotely controlled from the heart of Tehran./Aden Alghad.
  10. Ex-PM and veteran politician Haydar al-Attas: STC is alien to the southerners as the Houthis are to the northers. The south is going through delicate times and everyone in the south must support president Hadi/Yemen Voice.
  11. ChiefEditor of Alshomoaa’ Press Corp: I am not worried about the army and popular resistance since they can squash the Houthis along Marib’s frontline. All that concerns me is the government’s failure to provide the army with equipment nor even with their [long unpaid] salaries./Multiple websites

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