Houthis hang young man to death over religious tax

Houthis hang young man to death over religious tax




Yemen's armed Houthis have reportedly hanged a young man for failing to pay the Khums, or  20% religious tax, to the theocratic militia in the country's central city of Ibb.

Several Yemeni news websites reported on Saturday that he Shiit terrorist militia hanged Hamdi al-Hubeishi, in his 20s, on his dump truck which he uses to transport stones for living, after he had refused to pay the Khums (fifth) on every truckload in his hometown of Al-Sayyani in Ibb.

The internationally backed Shia sectarian terrorists in early January had squashed al-Haymah village in another central governorate, Taiz, and killing and wounding over 50 people and displacing and arresting hundreds others over the refusal of local villagers to pay the same racist tax which goes for the Hashemite dynasty to which Houthi leaders belong. Some of the arrested villagers then were mutilated or hanged over trees.  

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