Houthi 'court' sentences female activist and husband to death: Press Summary

Houthi 'court' sentences female activist and husband to death: Press Summary

  1. A 'court' run by the Houthi militia in Sana'a has sentenced female activist Zaafran Zayed and her husband to fire squad /Al-Sahel Algharbi
  3. Houthis are making billions of Riyals from their recent increase of fuel prices/Alshar Al-Awsat news website.

  4. Houthi militants fired a new ballistic missile on Marib yesterday evening (Wednesday 16 June) with no reports of casualties. Sixty two civilians have been killed and injured by Houthi missiles in the past two weeks/Multiple websites

  5. Houthis escalate war on Marib and ALjawf provinces after the Omani peace brokerage failed /Seerah Post.

  7. A Yemeni organization concerned with following up on the national looted properties has said that Houthis are running more than 910 money exchange and remittance businesses to carry out illegal remittances for the militia away from censorship./ The Arab Network for News
  8. The [UAE-backed] STC paramilitary forces have stormed a government military camp by surprise and seized it fully in Gold Mohr coast of Aden./ Anaween Post

  9. Houthi militants kill Adel Abduraqeeb, one of the most famous doctors in Kuwait Hospital in Sana'a./Anaween Post
  10. The Houthis have in the past three years awarded more than 10 thousand university certificates to loyalists who have not joined the university nor even finished high school. The fraudulent certificates are to enable their employment in public offices in Sana'a and buy their loyalty./24 Post

  11. USD 5 million of the Yemeni central bank's money have gone missing in US banks/Al-Ayyam newspaper.



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