Quotes from social media: Iranian Eyrlo acts more like Sana’a head than Houthis

Quotes from social media: Iranian Eyrlo acts more like Sana’a head than Houthis

  1. The Iranian “ambassador” to the Houthi militia Hassan Eyrlo is more active in business interactions and visits (in Sana’a) than the “prime minister Bin Habtoor” and chief of the Political Council Mahdi Almashat of the host militia. These Houthi officials have themselves become under the thumb of the Iranian militant even as they say that Iran has no presence in Sana’a. In fact Iran is in control and its representative is – in effect - the real head of the city.

How come he (Eyrlo) visits to public facilities, such as hospitals, and universities, and supervises everything even the Houthi [child radicalization] summer camps?

We (Yemenis) are not going to forget those who let him to Sana’a to mess around in Yemen as he wills.

#Facebook post by Mohammed Al-Maswari (lawyer of the former president Saleh)



  2. The US-backed Omani delegation has come back [from Sana’a] without any significant outcomes.

The fact of the matter is that liberating Hodeidah and supporting Marib’s resistance is an effective means to achieve a comprehensive and sustainable peace in Yemen. There is going to be no peace without such a serious pressure on the Houthi militia. #Facebook post by Yemeni Noble laureate Tawakkul Karman.

  2. If the government liberates all Yemen and Houthis are left in control of one village, they will still fight with the goal of expansion and full control of Yemen in their mind.

This is a religious militia that believes in fighting for victory or “martyrdom” as they themselves say. The international community ignores this fact or deliberately pretends to be unaware of it.

#Facebook Post by activist Najib Ahmed


  1. The STC militia occupy a new public office every day… And they are demanding the government to return to Aden to be cooped up in al-Maasheeq presidential palace and so that it affords a cover of legitimacy to the (rebel) militias, which have failed to offer the simplest service to the public. Any return by the government (from exile) to the temporary capital Aden before the implementation of the military provisions of the Riyadh Agreement is a treason.# Facebook post by Mokhtar Arrahabi, the former press secretary at Yemen’s presidential office.

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