What makes an airport in a city more important than an entire another city?

What makes an airport in a city more important than an entire another city?


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The United Nations, the US, and the western press, think-tanks and aid agencies are more interested in lifting the Arab Coalition’s blockade on the airport of Houthi-controlled Sana’a city than lifting the siege Houthis have been imposing for six years on the entire city of Taiz.

The Sana’a airport has nothing to do with the entry of staple commodities to Yemen nor to Sana’a. Humanitarian flights have always been allowed through it and not banned at any time. Civilian flights are available for the people of Sana’a from other airports in the country.

The Houthi siege of Taiz, however, is a semi-circle belt of checkpoints manned by heavily armed Shia extremists and snipers who cut basic humanitarian and medical supplies to the government-held provincial capital. Luckily, Taiz has one remaining humanitarian conduit away from Houthis’ reach, connecting the city to southern Yemen port of Aden.

But this conduit, a crumbling and long mountainous road, does not resolve much of the problems that come with the siege.

Rural people who used to travel one hour in plain paved road to the city before the siege, now make the trip in seven hours with enormous risks of traffic accidents including deadly car falls from real steep mountainous roads.

The siege also divides what was once Taiz city into two parts, the government-held provincial capital and Houthi-controlled Al-Hawban. 

What was a five-minute commute between the two sides of the town has become a seven-hour journey that has to be traveled through dangerous mountainous roads.

Around most of the government-held Taiz is a belt of Houthi landmines, checkpoints and hilltop military sites with snipers who have so far gunned down hundreds of civilians mostly women and little girls out of regionalist and sectarian hatred motives.  

Taiz is the only Yemeni city subject to a siege now, and its three million residents are the only people one can rightly claim the life they lead is hellish due to “a blockade.”

Let’s remember that the Coalition’s blockade is just a closure of an airport, for a good reason: Preventing the Shiit terrorist network of Houthis from using the open airport to import arms and otherwise.

Yet the UN’s and the west’s outcry is only on the Airport’s closure! 

This proves that the UN and the west are aligned with the Shia Houthis on a sectarian and regionalist basis.

That is the fact. But the idiot won’t get it, even if it is bright like the sunlight. 




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