'Bloody week in Marib: Houthi shelling leaves 60 dead, wounded': Press Summary

'Bloody week in Marib: Houthi shelling leaves 60 dead, wounded': Press Summary



  1. Heavy explosions followed by sounds of ambulance sirens and charred and burned human body parts seen scattered everywhere. This is a scene that has repeated twice this week in Marib./Al-Akhbar news website.
  2. Taiz Human Rights Center launches a hashtag and an online campaign demanding an end to the Houthi militia's six year siege on the city and condemning the UN's permanent silence on the issue./Bawabati news website .

  3. UAE vessel offloads weapons in the Yemeni island of Mayoon./Multiple websites.
  4. The Yemeni Network for Rights and Freedoms demands the international community to take a clear stance towards the maximalist Houthi rebel militia./Almeena News
  5. Yemen's ambassador to the UNESCO Mohammed Jumeih: The Houthi have agreed to a ceasefire with Saudi Arabia not with the government ./Multiple websites.
  6. Houthis are forcing public employees in their areas of control to listen to the speeches of their leader./Yemen Voice.
  7. MP and former governor of Taiz Ali al-Maamari says any arrangements between the government and the Houthis that do not resolve the Taiz siege issue will destroy the remaining credibility of the government.
  8. Presidential advisor Yaseen Makkawee: The Houthi militia's crime of attacking Marib with ballistic missiles and drones is an evidence that the safety of civilians means nothing to Houthis. When is the international and regional community going to realize that Houthis are a terrorist tool not at all different to ISIL?/A tweet by Makkawee.

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