Houthis are a group meant for war until their last day

Houthis are a group meant for war until their last day

By Ali al-Amrani


On the eve of the Stockholm Agreement, I wrote here that peace in Yemen is still far.

I said the only gain from the Stockholm Agreement is that it might enable the world to know more who the Houthis are. Perhaps many have already learnt.

For the Houthis, war is the only thing that comes to mind  in order to control, humiliate, kill and displace Yemenis. They deal with Yemen as a hostage, as the US envoy to Yemen Lenderking and the Director of the Middle East Department in the French Foreign Ministry Christopher Varno indicated.

I am sorry and, in fact, sad to say that in Yemen there can be no peace where the Houthis are one of the parties to it.

Houthis are meant for war, violence, repression and carnages from their first to their last day.

The right way to deal with them is to designate them as a terrorist group, nothing less.

This is the fact that everyone will come to realize at the end. But when?!

There are benefits, no doubt, for any successful efforts to open the Sana’a Airport and end other key roads like the roads to the besieged city of Taiz, if Houthis will allow it.

While the closure of Sana’a Airport has a certain bad impact on the people, Houthis managed to get their militants to travel if they wanted to by exercising pressure and twisting the arms [of the UN?].

Houthis previously rejected several offers to open Sana’a Airport and stipulated hard-to-fulfill conditions in the road to that.

Banning flights from and to Sana’a Airport was not militarily useful. Houthis made significant advances, even while the airport is closed, seizing Nehm area near Sana’a Airport, seizing Aljawf and now attacking Marib.

The irony is that the forces which receded back from Nehm and Aljawf are the same forces that had liberated Aljawf and approached the capital Sana’a.

It is obvious the recession is not due to the weak resolve of the heroes of the army, but some policies were changed and this made Houthis appear stronger than their enemy.

While it is important to open Sana’a Airport to facilitate people’s lives by opening the airport, but there must be precautionary measures in order not to allow it to become a conduit for the entry of military enforcements to the Houthi war machinery to keep killing the Yemeni people and repressing them more.

Houthis have no concern about anything other their military interests. As for the people, Houthis are their authors of their agony, misery, poverty and mass displacement. Houthis don’t mind whether the Yemenis live or die, travel if they have to or stay in the country as hostages.

The US envoy, Lenderking, and Christopher Farnaud’s statement that Houthis are holding the future of Yemen hostage was striking.

The policy of taking citizens hostage is a long story during the extortionist and gloomy reign of the Imams [pre-1962 ancestors of Houthis].

  • This opinion is a translation of the original Arabic published on Bawabati news website

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