Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib, western media continue to mislead the world

Houthi ballistic missiles hit Marib, western media continue to mislead the world

By Sarah Hassan

Three new Houthi ballistic missiles hit the heart of Marib city this Thursday evening killing and injuring 35 people, according to medical and police sources.

The Shia militia controlling Sana'a fired a missile on a neighborhood in Almojamma'a, the heart of the small and densely populated city, and within minutes two ballistic missiles and a drone strike followed.

This is the second ballistic missile attack in a week after Saturday's ballistic missile and drone attack that killed 21 civilians including a five-year-old girl whose funeral was organized with a child protest rally today.

Meanwhile, western media outlets continue to mislead the world with reports leaving the impression that it is the Houthi-controlled Sana'a that is unsafe due to constant bombing and threats of strikes.

The reports echoed by Israeli media imply that the Arab Coalition continues airstrikes despite the fact that international pressure groups halted them long ago and the airstrikes have become confined mostly to repelling Houthi suicidal incursions toward the IDPs safe haven of Marib.

Analysts say the Coalition's announced halt of its air raids today means nothing more than quitting the defense of Marib, adding that the halt is the outcome of a fanatically determined western-led conspiracy to cut all forms of support to the government so that the Shiit Houthi terrorist organization can conquer the government's last northern stronghold and make the west happy.


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