Man loses fingers after picking up a Houthi mine disguised as a pen: Press Summary

Man loses fingers after picking up a Houthi mine disguised as a pen: Press Summary

  1. A 28 year old man named Abduh Saleh Dawbalah lost the fingers of his right hand and sustained abdominal injuries in the explosion of a Houthi landmine he picked up from the ground after he mistook for a pen, in the Yemeni Red Sea port of Mokha./Multiple websites

  2. Houthis arrest dozens of civilians in Aljawf holding them hostage./Voice of Yemen website.
  3. The Reform (Islah) party condemns Hamas's honoring of Houthis./Multiple website.
  4. A man has been injured in the explosion of a Houthi landmine in Hays ditrict of Hodeidah./Almotamar Press
  5. The army foils a Houthi drone attack on civilian targets in Aljawf governorate /Yemen News Agency (YNA)
  6. Houthis close a number of shops in Ibb and kidnap their owners/ Al-Rashad Press.
  7. A Houti militant has been killed in Dhale'a after one of the improvised explosive devices he was trying to plant in Dhale'a governorate exploded in his face./Almashedhad Alkhaleeji
  8. The STC leader poses in a suit similar to that of the slain Iranian general Qasem Suleimani, stirring controversy amongst Yemenis/ Almashedhad Alkhaleeji.
  9. Socotra population are demanding the government to stop the installation of UAE telecom towers in military sites in the isand./Al-Etiihad Net.
  10. Aden is seeing house raids, kidnapping of people and protests/Multiple sources.
  11. A woman (Mona Ismael) has been missing in Aden since Friday, a day after a plot of land belonging to her husband was seized by gunmen./Al-Rashad Press.
  12. The body of the little girl Layan was incineratedby the Houthi missile, but the international organization's moral fault has been revealed./Marib Press.



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