Islah official source condemns Hamas rep's honoring of Houthi criminals

Islah official source condemns Hamas rep's honoring of Houthi criminals


An official source in the Yemeni Reform (Islah) party has condemned honoring the Houthi criminal group by the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement's representative in Sana'a.

The source said the honoring "comes while the Yemeni people are bleeding and children are turned into charred bodies due to the Houthi ballistic missile and drone attacks" in Marib and other parts of Yemen

The source considered the move "a provocation to the Yemeni people who face a maximalist Houthi aggression , just like the brotherly Pa Plestinians face a maximalist Zionist aggression.

The source expressed its surprise over this move by a movement resisting the Zionist occupation force which killed the people of Palestinian people in cold blood and displaced them, likening this Zionist conduct to the Houthi conduct.

"Hamas should have respected the right of the Yemeni people to resist the Houthi criminal rule and distanced itself from this disgraceful act being that it resists injustice and criminal deeds. It is not appropriate for Hamas to approve for the Yemeni people what it disapproves for the Palestinian people."

The source however renewed the Yemeni people's support to the Palestinain people's right to resist the Israeli occupation and create an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The source said the Palestinian cause will remain "the  central cause for us and the whole Arab and Islamic  nations."

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