Hamas angers Yemenis for the first time

Hamas angers Yemenis for the first time

The representative of the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) in Sana’a honored on Monday Mohammed Ali Al-Houthi and praised the Houthi militia in recognition of its alleged role in supporting the Palestinian cause, thus infuriating Yemenis for the first time. 

Yemenis blame the Shiit militia for the September 2014 coup, igniting a war that revealed the Shiit militia’s unlimited sectarian hatred and bloodthirstiness toward the Sunni majority and simply put, “destroying Yemen and killing its Sunni majority” with some but overly determined international support.

The honoring of the Houthi militia by Muadh Abu Shammalah who turned out to be indeed acting on Hamas’s behalf caused a severe anger amongst Yemenis including what some would like to call “pro-Muslim Brotherhood” researchers, journalists, actors and grassroots despite Hamas’s latest statement trying to equally please the two sides.

Mohammed Al-Adhrohi a comedy star on Islah’s TV channel Suheil wrote on facebook:

“I swear to Allah if my son sides with the Houthis, I will disown him. If he gets killed fighting in their ranks, I will not bother to arrange a burial nor accept condolences. If this is would be the case with my son, how would it be with a stranger?  Since Hamas has forgotten the stand of the Yemeni people by its side and chose Iran and its Houthi affiliate as allies, then do not blame our stance against the movement from now on,”

Political analyst, journalist (and Yemen’s ambassador to the UNESCO) Mohammed Jumeih tweeted:

“At the time when everyone seemed to condemn the latest Houthi crime of charring the bodies of our children with a ballistic missile, Hamas honored the war criminal behind it… Are the children of Marib a different type to the children of Gaza?”

Jumeih said the Houthi leader wanted the awards ceremony to distract attention away from the Marib crime and “Hamas gave him the opportunity” to do so.

Nabil al-Bukeiri a prominent political researcher exiled in Turkey said in a facebook post, “The same as Hamas considers the Israeli guerillas an occupation force, we consider the Houthi gunmen an occupation. The same as you [Hamas] fall out with those who engage in friendliness with Israel, we fall out with anyone who engage in friendliness with the sectarian Houthi militia that has destroyed our country.”

He said that “Houthis are racist group that that confiscated the salaries of the Yemeni people and looted everything.” He said, “What do the opportunists in Hamas expect to benefit from a group like this one, which (deep down inside) sees Hamas as a ‘mere Sunni Brotherhood movement.’

Journalist Rashad Al-Sharaabi said, “Hamas insists on taking the side of the Yemeni people’s enemies: a racist group that Hamas calls them Ansar Allah (Partisans of God).”

“Although we have not yet put up with Hamas’s offer of thanks to Iran, its alleged representative has gone even farther to honor the murderers who had just committed a massacre in Marib with an Iranian missile.”

Human rights activist and journalist Hamdan Al-Alalaya, wrote, “We were waiting for a Hamas statement to condemn the Houthi massacre of children in Marib, but the movement’s representative in Sana’a opted to honor one of the leaders of the gang who committed the crime.”



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