Some US analysts propose peace dictated by armed Houthi guerrilla: Press Summary

Some US analysts propose peace dictated by armed Houthi guerrilla: Press Summary

  1. Some US analysts (like Annelle Sheline, a research fellow at the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft) have taken steps even farther than that of their country's State Department toward the Yemen conflict.

I mean they argue that Houthis have defeated Saudi Arabia in Yemen to make out a case for why Joe Biden should recognize the Houthi control, as if the Yemeni people (the most concerned) no longer exist!/an article by Yemeni writer and journalist Yaseen Al-Tameemi published by several platforms


  1. Gunmen seize a second office belong to the state-run news ageny "Saba" after [UAE-backed] STC militants seized the main headquarters in Aden./Crater Sky news website.
  2. Some American analysts propose a peace the terms of which are to be dictated by the armed Houthi guerrilla / Alharf 28 website
  3. Yemen VP phone calls Marib governor over the Houthi terror attack that targeted an oil station on Saturday and left 17 civilians dead./Multiple websites.
  4. Houthi militia detonate three IEDsin Dhale'a province and seize passengers in Damt district/Crater Sky
  5. Rights Radar organization: The Houthi massacre in Marib was deliberate./Alharf 28
  6. Yemen media pundit: We wish that the Omani delegation which visited Sana'a had condemned the Houthi terror attack on Marib./Aden Alghad
  7. Saudi politician Suleiman al-Aqeeli: The Islah is an ally of the Arab Coalition in Yemen and those who turned on it are the ones who prevented the military solution against Houthis./Multiple websites
  8. Humiliating people in Houthi-controlled Sana'a has become the new normal/Aden Alghad.
  9. The international silence over Houthi crimes is a feature of the double-standard approach toward the causes of some nations/Almanarah Net.
  10. The flow of condemnations of the Houthi terror attack in Marib has prompted the militia's "interior ministry" and "intelligence" agency to slow the internet speed. /Multiple websites.
  11. The Houthi militia's missile attacks on Marib belie the American peace proposal./Aden Alghad.
  12. Unemployment rises to alarming ratein Yemen because of the inauspicious Houthi coup./Almanarah Net.
  13. A Houthi sniper shoots injured a woman in Taiz./Multiple websites


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