Houthis' missiles against Marib expose the illusion of American peace

Houthis' missiles against Marib expose the illusion of American peace

By Dr. Adel Alshojaa

The US pampering of the Houthi terrorist guerrilla has no match to it save the indulgence the Zionist regime receives.

Despite all this havoc wreaked by the guerilla and all this pile of evidences on Houthi war crimes committed on a large scale, the US along with the UN continue to afford an absolute immunity to the guerilla and thwart the enforcement of the international justice on it.    

Since the new US administration led by Biden began talking about peace in Yemen, the casualty toll has been constantly going upward. Despite the obvious withdrawal of the media from covering the crimes of the Houthis in Marib, horrific crimes force their way out into the spotlight. The guerilla have directed their missiles to the playgrounds of children to kill them in cold blood and express themselves to the world in a bare manner.

If the world takes a pause and reflect in the evidences, the Houthi guerilla's crimes far exceed in severity the crimes of the Nazis. Because the Nazis did not use Scud missiles to kill children, women and civilian masses. In spite of this terrorist uniqueness, the US administration still takes pleasures in the murder of Yemeni children by missiles and still argues it wants us to have peace [with Houthis.]

It is obvious that what the US seeks in Yemen is a permanent Houthi coup, something most of the government's members ignore. This passiveness is aggravating the problem even further: the dangers grow bigger and the choices fade.

In other words, the US administration does not seek peace for the Yemeni people. Rather, it wants peace for the Houthis.

We had once expected the US administration to take an action against the guerilla given that they overthrew the legitimate government, hijacked the state, exploited the humanitarian situation as a bargaining tool in respect to keeping the Yemeni people hostage, and threatened to bomb the oil tanker and endanger the whole region.

But the US administration relinquished all its values that binds it with the world and insisted on the removal of the Houthis from the terror list, flying in the face of the values stated in the US constitution.

The US administration ignores the agony of all those who struggle for the simplest rights of freedom and dignity under the tyranny of the guerilla; the crimes of targeted attacks on children in Marib with missiles hunting them where they play and where they live. All these combine to expose  the illusion of the peace that the US administration claims [is possible with Houthis].

The US administration decided to stand by the putschists, dealing a blow to all the international resolutions. With this, the US administration positions itself as the weight behind the Houthi guerilla's maximalism and rejection of peace. The US administration consciously undermined the resolutions that hold the Houthis responsible for overthrowing the government.

The suspicious US and UN silence over the slaughtering of children in Marib is what makes me here want to clarify the facts. The facts that might not be convenient.

We have to be aware, because the alternative [government] that is being wanted [by the conspirators] for us is the one advancing fast on the ground [the Houthis?], which is certainly not in the interest of Yemen or the region.

Therefore we have to defend Yemen and defend protect our interests. If we allow ourselves to be duped by the fictional 'peace', then there will be a dangerous catastrophe that ushers in more conflict and instability. We need to enforce justice instead of giving the Houthis a chance to maintain the carnages.

Hereby I call on all Yemenis outside [Yemen] to file lawsuits in their countries of residence [against the Houthis]  and ask the host countries to accept the lawsuits based on the universal jurisdiction principle, which allows the prosecution of the accused perpetrators of dangerous crimes regardless of the accused's nationality, the place of residence or the scene of the crime.

  • This opinion was translated from Arabic. It was published on a number of Yemeni websites. Its author, Dr. Adel Alshojaa, a member of the Yemeni GPC party, lives in exile, in Cairo.



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