Yemeni and Saudi officials discuss implementing stalled Riyadh Agreement

Yemeni and Saudi officials discuss implementing stalled Riyadh Agreement



A Yemeni governmental team headed by the country’s Foreign Minister held a meeting with the Saudi ambassador to Yemen on Friday to discuss implementing the stalled Riyadh Agreement between Yemeni government and the United Arab Emirate’s armed militia in Aden, known as the Southern Transitional Council (STC).  

The UAE joined Saudi-led Arab Coalition’s campaign in March 2015 to end the Houthi military coup in north Yemen and restore the capital Sana’a in the north. The UAE stationed its forces in the southern port of Aden, the country’s temporary capital, before it created the founding militias of the STC and masterminded another coup in the south.  

Riyadh sponsored an agreement in November 2019 to unify the government and STC troops against the original Houthi putschists and integrate the militias under the auspices of the government’s Defense and Interior ministries, but so far the STC militia has allowed nothing than a brief symbolic return of the skeletal government to Aden under its mercy at the beginning of this year before evicting them again.

Last Friday’s talks between the Yemeni foreign minister and the Saudi ambassador discussed implementing the military aspects of the agreement: Handover of the city’s military control to the government and merging the militias into the regular armed forces.


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