Houthis prepare 100,000 child militants for a tsunami-like attack on Marib

Houthis prepare 100,000 child militants for a tsunami-like attack on Marib

The Houthi militia controlling Yemen’s northwest is preparing for a tsunami-like attack on the government-held city of Marib, military analysts said.

The internationally pampered Shiit terrorist network began last week to muster 100,000 schoolchildren to Sana’a radicalization Summer Education Centers. “The Houthis are planning on brainwashing them and deploying them along the Marib frontline in one tsunami-like attack” said Ali Al-Khayati a military analyst. “Nothing is new here, they always follow the overwhelming method with the fighters they have long gathered,” he said. “The result is massacres and streams of blood on the mountains” outside Marib.

Desperate to capture Marib, the Sana’a-based terror network has tried hard since the beginning of 2020 in suicide missions that killed tens of thousands of people mainly radicalized children.

The latest renewed offensive is the bloodiest so far. It has been raging since the US administration of Joe Biden indicated, on February 5, its plan to end the prior administration’s last-minute designation of Houthis as a foreign terrorist organization.

“”The Summer Centers Houthis prepare in their areas of control are time-bombs threatening not Yemen alone but the sleeping Gulf states,” activist Ahmed Saleh Alfadhli write on twitter.

Yemen’s government officials, activists and media have attached special importance to the Houthi militia’s declaration this week that they intend to recruit 400,000 children to summer radicalization courses in Sana’a.

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