In starving Yemen, Houthis display huge riches: Reports

In starving Yemen, Houthis display huge riches: Reports


Yemeni traditional press and social media launched a blistering attack against the leaders of the Houthi militia controlling northwest Yemen for possessing huge “riches” collected as a religious tax while most of the Yemeni people are in famine-like conditions.


 The Houthi militia displayed this week in Sana’a large sums of money (pictured) including US dollar banknotes in brand new bands declaring the amounts as Zakat (religious taxes collected from the general public).

The Yemeni people are starving, while the Houthi leaders display millions of dollars, read a headline on Almashehad Alyemeni saying “170 thousand teachers in Yemen have been suffering hunger with their families” since “the Houthi militia started looting their salaries in 2016.”

The website also cited the case of an employee in the Oil Ministry in Sana’a who has offered his kidney for sale to feed his family.

“Thank God, the riches are there and the people paid the Zakat in US dollars,” said Abdu Bishr an MP in the Houthi self—styled parliament in Sana’a in a sarcastic facebook post. “The dollar bands are still fresh in wraps. Just a question. Where did these wrapped dollars come from if we are under an ‘aggression and siege’,” he wondered.


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