Terrorist Houthi cell arrested in Marib

Terrorist Houthi cell arrested in Marib

Alsahwa Net- Security forces in Marib province have managed to arrest a Houthi terrorist cell.

Security sources told "Alsahwa Net" that the Houthi cell committed criminal acts and sabotages in Marib.

The source spelt out that the cell was tasked by the Houthis to plant explosive devices in main roads and target medical crews, goods transportation trucks and passengers.

During the last years, security and military authorities have busted Houthi sleeper cells responsible for guiding ballistic missiles and explosive-laden drones that hit military, security, and civilian locations in Marib.

Earlier 2021, authorities in Marib foiled a Houthi plot to kill military and security officers after uncovering a Houthi cell of eight women.

The women were planning to carry out attacks against local targets when they were found by police hiding in several houses in the central Yemeni city of Marib.

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