One day’s news reveal how conspiracies beset Yemen government

One day’s news reveal how conspiracies beset Yemen government

By Sarah Hassan

One day’s course of routine news stories about Yemen can reveal how foreign conspiracies beleaguer Yemen and its legitimate government Yemen from different directions and sources.

Yesterday, one could read in the Yemeni and foreign news sources the following stories:

  1. The US navy intercepted one massive Iranian arms shipment bounded for the Houthis controlling northwest Yemen.

  2. The UAE’s southern Yemen-based ‘Transitional Council’ militia, an ostensible partner to the government in fighting Houthis, has been receiving arms shipments in Aden seaports and sending them to the Iran-affiliated militia in Sana’a.

  3. “A new battalion from the [UAE-backed] Republic’s Guards militia in west Yemen have defected to the Houthi side” as part of routine mass defections that happen at a monthly or bimonthly basis, which lays bare the fact that the UAE intended from the beginning to set up the Republic’s Guards to serve, in effect, as a base for training the Shiit Houthi army.


One might read all these stories in the same day without coming up with any organized observation or inference.


If pieced together, these haphazard stories - coupled with the western media’s ongoing inflamed campaign that adopts the Houthi causes including the suspension of the Saudi airstrikes, a lifeline to Marib, and the UN officials’ blatant calls to replace the Security Council’s resolutions on Yemen instead of enforcing them- signal how the Yemeni legitimacy is surrounded by conspiracy from everywhere.


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