Opinions: What is going to happen after Houthis wasted peace opportunity?

Opinions: What is going to happen after Houthis wasted peace opportunity?

  1. “The talks that the US and UN envoy … sponsored in Muscat have wrapped up without achieving any of the stated goals on top of which is a ceasefire.” “Washington adopted the Houthi demands to alleviate the blockade on Sana’a International Airport and Hodeidah Seaport which means empowering the militia to resume employing these facilities to promote themselves militarily and consolidate their de facto hold on power despite a massive rejection amongst Yemenis.”

  • The above are excerpts from an opinion by Yemeni journalist Yaseem Altameemi published on several websites under the title What is (going to happen) after Houthis wasted peace opportunity?


“I firmly believe the picture of the relationship between the terrorist Houthi guerrilla and the United States is now clear for anyone who can see and hear.

This guerilla works to destroy Islam; changes it to an ideology that criminalizes the Taraweeh Prayer considering it as an innovation, and replaces it with speeches by its terrorist leader Abdulmalik Al-Houthi; and changes mosques to places for chewing Qat.

It is a guerrilla that is not different from fascism and Nazism, if not worse. If fascism and Nazism discriminate between people on racial basis, the Houthis establish discrimination on religious sectarian grounds.

It is time for Yemenis to take a united stand against this guerrilla that destroys their country and their future. The guerilla is not the one who loses the right to education and the right to health. And if thousands and thousands keep getting killed, it does not lose anything. Moreover, it is its desire to get rid of these numbers. It invests in the gruesome violence inherent in the war as a deciding factor to establish its hold on power and fools the masses that the farther they go in following the directions of Abdulmalik Al-Houthi the freer they will become. What an irony.

It pushes the young people lacking awareness about the Imamite theocrats and about their history of aversion to the Yemeni people into fighting their brethren Yemenis. It incites them to peform the ‘Jihad’ against what they call the ‘Takfeeris’ and ‘Daeshis’, the same rhetoric used by the US that has mandated this gurilla to kill Yemenis in the name of countering Al-Qaeda and ISIS. … In short, to test the seriousness of the US in achieving peace in Yemen, the US should call for an international conference that supports to the Yemeni army to be the sole defender of Yemen and the one who controls the available military resources of the Yemeni people and the decisions of war and peace. However, if the US continues to ignore the Houthi overthrow of the Yemeni legitimate state and Houthi perpetuation of Yemeni chaos leaving Yemen as a hijacked state and starving nation, the Yemeni people will not accept that under any circumstance, and will consider the US a partner in making this terrorist guerrilla.”  

  • The above are excerpts from an opinion by GPC party member Adel Al-Shojaa entitled, “Houthis turn mosques to Qat chewing places to prove to the US they are fighting Dawa’ish (ISIS members).” The editorial was published by several Yemeni news websites.

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