While millions face risk, international conspirators push for total Shiite control in Yemen

While millions face risk, international conspirators push for total Shiite control in Yemen

By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

While it is the worldwide known fact that millions of Sunni besieged civilian population face danger due to the senseless war by Houthis encircling the Yemeni government’s last northern stronghold of Marib, the international conspirators keep pushing for a total control to be secured by the Shiite terrorist network.

US legislators are preoccupied with pressures for lifting what they call the Saudi ‘blockade’ the only thing now that prevents the well-armed Shiite terrorists from importing arms as freely as a sovereign state would be able to do.

Western officials and institutions, e.g. the media, have therefore an obsessive fixation on lifting the ‘blockade’ on Houthi controlled ports. Humanitarian aid and commercial aid do enter the country smoothly, but weapons and fuel shipments which Houthis want to turn into war finances face difficulty. Therefore, lifting the ‘blockade’ is the top priority for these conspirators, not the Houthi militia’s terrorist rule or unceasing bloodshed.

One only needs to follow the westerners’ daily concerns as evident from their writings and discourse.

Western organizations along with UN officials including former UN peace mediator Benomar are lobbying now for annulling the UN Security Council resolution no. 2216 (of 2015) supposed to end the Houthi militia’s coup, while the Council has since its issuance failed to bring it to any existence beyond the step of typing it on the Council’s computers and posting it online!!

Western media press ahead with what has over the past six years clearly appeared as a malicious strategy of:

1- Highlighting the humanitarian crisis and civilian costs of the conflict from the Houthi perspective, that, of course, lays blames solely on Saudi Arabia and strongly tarnishes the Saudi image as step one.

2- Identify any Yemeni rejection of Houthis with the notorious ‘Saudi’ name as step two.

Even as the Shia terrorists maintain their horrific war in the gates of the IDPs city of Marib, western media keep employing this tactic to minimize the ugliness of what Houthis are doing.

One recent article by the American media organization NPR goes with the title “Houthi Rebels In Yemen Advance On Saudi Stronghold of Marib” Saudi stronghold! This is merely an example.

If one is able to read between the lines, they will spot the Shiite terrorists’ message in all those pieces that sick western writers write, either directly stated or mixed with something else in order not to sound too direct.    


Sarah Hassan, a Yemeni journalist, believes Yemenis have to wake up and to fight for themselves depending on themselves.

Unless its agenda thwarted, the international community of conspiracy will accept nothing less than the full victory of Iran’s Shiite terrorists in Yemen.

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