Houthis loot citizens’ money under excuse of “Khums levy”

Houthis loot citizens’ money under   excuse  of “Khums levy”

Alsahwa Net- The Houthi militias have been extorting traders and businessmen in areas under their control through imposing illegal levies and royalties.

Traders and businessmen in Houthi-controlled areas always complain that they are subjected to blackmail and looting by the Houthi-appointed “observers”.

Merchants in Sana’a complain that Houthi observers are illegally looting their money under the excuse of “military efforts” and “khums levy” (literally meaning the payment of “one-fifth”, or 20 percent to the Houthis).

Yemeni citizens, for their parts, are complaining about the rising prices of essential products, gas and oil in the Houthi under-control areas.

A Yemeni journalist in Sana’a, who conditioned to remain anonymous, told Alsahwa Net that most residents in Sana’a cannot afford to buy essential commodities.

“Houthis created what are called “the black markets”, in which oil derivatives and gas are sold for tripling prices” He added.

He cited that the price of one gas cylinder in the black market is more than YR1,000 while its price in the government-controlled areas is YR 3500.


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