Western media want Yemen to fall to Iran’ Shia militants

Western media want Yemen to fall to Iran’ Shia militants

By Satah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

The international conspirators assume we are kids. Being a party in the conspiracy, western media and research institutions, present Marib these days as a city doomed to fall to Houthis if the Saudi warplanes stop backing the army there.

These wicked institutions hint that Marib, the government’s last northern stronghold, is too vulnerable now that it is more viable for Saudi Arabia to abandon it and let it face coup d’grace at the hands of Houthis.

While it is true that Marib’s fate hinges to a big extent on Saudi aerial backing, let’s not forget that this vulnerability and weakness is the result of an international conspiracy in which these western media outlets played the propaganda role –in favour of the Shia extremists.

It has been a stubborn international intent to not allow the government to restore territories or have access to armament, while the Shia terrorist Houthis were allowed to inherit a modern arsenal and the counterterrorism equipment from the Saleh-era state, and still smuggle in what they need!

To this moment, the western press are exaggerating the Arab Coalition’s errant airstrikes, while seeking to guilt-trip their governments for not stopping arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

Ending the Saudi airstrikes now means cutting the sole thread by which the Yemeni government, in its last city, hangs.

And the wicked western media want to achieve just that !  


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