AFP’s pro-Houthi report draws official and public criticism in Yemen

AFP’s pro-Houthi report draws official and public criticism in Yemen

The AFP’s report on Sunday that Yemen’s Houthis “have taken full control of the northwest Kassara battlefront” in Marib “and made progress on western frontlines” drew criticism from a large number of Yemeni government officials and ordinary public.


The Yemeni army spokesman Gen. Brig. Abduh Mujalli called the news was “false” and “aims to communicate only the psychological war that Houthis want to pass on through international media.”


The country’s Information Minister al-Eryani said, “We deny the AFP’s claims and express our strong regret that such an international news agency has picked such misleading news and started to propagate them.”


Yemen’s ambassador to the UNESCO, Mohammed Jumeih, tweeted: “This (AFP) reporter takes news from a Houthi militant on tweeter …  Shame on you Agency France Press.”


Activist Khaleel Almoleiki tweeted: “The AFP spreads false news about Alkassarah front. It has become clear this agency takes information from the Houthi military operations room instead of collecting facts from the ground.”

Activist Ahmed Othman said, “The AFP which is known for professionalism has committed a disgraceful lie: It published news of Houthi control of Alkassarah.”

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