Yemeni ctivists call on gov’t to rebel against pressures, purchase arms

Yemeni ctivists call on gov’t to rebel against pressures, purchase arms

By Waleed Noaman

Abdullah Khaled, a journalist, said, “It is overdue that President Hadi and other state officials speak up against the obvious pressures that ban the government from purchasing arms even as the government risks losing the remaining strongholds in the country.”

In a political debate with his friends in a night socializing session this Ramadan, Abdullah was gnashed his teeth every time he mentioned Hadi, the Arab Coalition or the international community. “Why is this undeclared international red line against the government’s access to armament, while Iran’s Shia religious terrorists can? There is an international determination to not allow any legitimate government to restore power or even survive in Yemen.”

“The blame is on our state leaders who submitted to secret pressures and went into deafening silence from the early years of the war.”

Abu Sufyan, a rights activist in the session, was busy writing an article that has now been published on Akbar Taiz. “Everyone should know that the Houthis have the supremacy of arms in quality and quantity,” his opinion begins. He says, “The heroes of the army are holding fast with simple firearms and the Arab Coalition is refusing to allow them to acquire quality arms to this moment. But the blame is on the cowardly Yemeni leadership. Some countries are willing to sell arms to Yemen for sure, but President Hadi should be bold to speak up against the pressures and strike purchase contracts.” Abu Sufyan interrupted writing with speaking saying, “The government is submitting to the Coalition’s pressures and the Coalition is submitting to pressures of some malign powers that want Iran’s Shia militias to conquer Yemen after Iraq and Syria.”

And the entire control of Yemen “will not be the end of Iran’s expansion,” he said.

Anwar Assari, a lawyer, said, “The army’s armament is a sensitive topic to the conspirators. No remarks from a government official on this regard were stronger than that of Mohsen Khasroof, the former Director of the army’s Moral Guidance. He said and still says that there is a red line on the army’s access to armament while the Houthi militia are allowed to get all arms including ballistic missiles and drones.”

Because “those remarks were sensitive Khasroof was dismissed right away,” Assari said. “But because he is a free man, he still says it on all TV channel interviews and every forum frankly and bravely: The Arab Coalition’s aerial help prevents the army’s defeat but does not allow it to win a battle.” Assari concludes his deliberation in the debate: “The conspiracy against Yemen is now something a toddler can understand!”


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