Iran’s Quds Force admits training, armament of Houthis

Iran’s Quds Force admits training, armament of Houthis

Alsahwa Net- Assistant chief of the Iran’s Quds Force Rostam Ghasemi has admitted of providing weapons to the Houthi Movement in Yemen and training its militias.

In statements to media on Wednesday, Ghasemi acknowledged that there are Iranian generals who work with the Houthis.

Ghasemi boasted that Iran could help Houthis achieve advancement in manufacturing weapons.

Meanwhile, US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking said on Wednesday, that Iran’s support for Yemen’s Houthi movement is “quite significant and it’s lethal”, as he called a battle for Marib province the single biggest threat to peace efforts.

Lenderking told the US Congress that Iran supports the Houthis in several ways, including through training, providing lethal support, and helping them “fine-tune” their drone and missile programs.

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