Press Summary: Hundreds killed, injured in past few days in Marib.

Press Summary: Hundreds killed, injured in past few days in Marib.


  1. Hundreds of people have been killed and injured in the past few days as Houthis maintain their push attempt in Marib. A suicidal Houthi battalion of motorcycle-riding fighters was repelled and neutralized./Multiple websites.

  2. The dead body of Abdulfattah al-Muleiki a young Yemeni man has been found dumped near his house in Al-Hawban, Taiz city, shortly after Houthi militants kidnapped him. Houthis kidnapped him from his house shortly after his return from Saudi Arabia where he works to spend Ramadan with his family/Al-Akhbar and several other news websites.
  3. Fighters continue to fall dead in dozens as battles outside Marib persist./Crater Sky.
  4. The chieftain of all chieftains in Socotra Esa Bin Yaqoot renews his calls for ending the UAE messing-around behavior in the Yemeni archipelago./Almahrah Alghad.
  6. The governor of Socotra Ramzi Mahroos warns against the implementation of a fingerprint collection project – by the occupation state of UAE- in military and security units in the archipelago./Multiple websites.
  7. Syrian militants are fighting alongside Houthis under the supervision of Iran./Bawabati


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