We feel let down by the UN, says governor of Yemen afflicted city

We feel let down by the UN, says governor of Yemen afflicted city

The governor of Marib, the Yemeni city which hosts 60% of the country’s IDPs and faces an incessant war by Houthi terrorists, said he feels ‘let down by the UN’ organization.

In an interview with al-Arabiya TV channel on Saturday,  Sultan al-Eradah said, “In fact we feel let down by the UN. The UN has not taken the stance it should to enforce the resolution [22216]  which it adopted out of its free will. The UN had taken that resolution out of its free will and with international consensus. Why don’t they enforce this resolution now, confirm the right and disagree with the wrong?”

The Shiit version of Daesh have stepped up their six year attempts on the government-held Marib as of February 6, after the US signaled its willingness to cancel their short-lived terror designation. Several thousands of people have been killed since then and thousands of displaced families in Marib have been re-displaced as a result of Houthi constant shelling amidst a suspicious international silence.


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