Oxygen cylinders trade revives on Sana’a black markets

Oxygen cylinders trade revives on Sana’a black markets

Alsahwa  Net- Oxygen cylinders trade has revived on Sana’a black  and other Yemeni governorates, medical sources told Alsahwa Net, affirming that Houthis confiscate large numbers of cylinders which were provided to Yemeni hospitals by international organizations.

Physicians told Alsahwa Net Houthi leaders confiscate oxygen cylinders and sell them on black markets, while Yemeni hospitals severely lack to oxygen as a surging number of COVID-19 cases is increasing the pressure on war-torn Yemen’s already strained healthcare system.  

Yemen’s health sector suffers from a severe deterioration, especially in the Houthi-controlled areas, according to UN reports. Some reports indicate that the war that was ignited by the Houthi group after its coup caused an almost complete collapse of the health system.

Yemen has been torn by conflicts since 2014, when the Iran-backed Houthi group took control over large swaths of the country, including the capital Sanaa.


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