Al Houthi militia kidnaps model in Sana’a

Al Houthi militia kidnaps model in Sana’a



The Iran-backed Houthi movement kidnapped on Sunday a model and actress, Intisar al-Hammadi from Haddah Street in Sana’a.

Yemeni activists and friends of the young woman, Al-Hammadi, said that Houthi gunmen intercepted the model, while she was going to a place.

The activists said that the Houthi group is insisting to go on its terrorist approach and depriving Yemeni women from their rights to work.

Earlier this year, Houthi militia launched an intimidation campaign against restaurants and all workplaces that employ women to order the exclusion of women in the regions under the puritan Shia’s areas of control.

 The puritan militia’s new segregation rules have a heavy impact on the livelihood of families and women in particular.


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