The West is championing Iran’s cause in Yemen and will always do

The West is championing Iran’s cause in Yemen and will always do


By Sarah Hassan

Contributing opinion writer

As I have been saying for long ago, the west is meant to champion only Iran’s cause in Yemen. The western officials, the media outlets, research groups and think tanks have always been by the Iranian Houthi militia’s side and will always be.  

Today we are reading from the CNN that “a group of more than 70 congressional Democrats has sent President Joe Biden a letter pushing the White House to encourage Saudi Arabia to end a blockade of Yemen that has led to food and fuel shortages in the country.” ! After lifting Houthis from the US terror list, this ending of the “blockade” on Houthi-controlled ports including the Sana’a Airport seems to be the second key Houthi demand on the way to be fulfilled thanks to persisting western pressures, even though the blockade is on the entry of arms not commercial goods or humanitarian shipments to the Houthi territories.

Shall we expect any western official to demand lifting the real blockade of real humanitarian impact in Yemen: The Houthi siege on the government-held city Taiz?  Impossible!

Is there any western journalist who will write about the humanitarian suffering incurred by the Houthi ‘forever war’ approach? No. It seems his keyboard will refuse to type.

Can we expect any western official to say one day, ‘Houthis are a radical sectarian militia and, by rights, President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government is still the country’s legitimate authority, however weak’ ? Difficult to find someone say a thing like this.

When arguing for lifting the Coalition’s blockade on Sana’a Airport or Hodeidah Seaport both controlled by the Shiit ISIS-like, militia, western writers are creative in melodramatizing the humanitarian tragedy resulting from its closure.   

When covering the Houthi war and blockade on government-administered territories and cities proper, they are dispassionate and misleading

Instead of focusing on the humanitarian risks of the Houthi war on the government-held Marib, western reports try to evoke non-humanitarian thoughts in the readers’ mind about the city, presenting it in economic brands like “oil-rich” “key city” “a strategic prize” for whoever wins the war, and all those tricks that seek to divert attention from the humanitarian woes of the Houthi offensive on it being a safe haven for millions of displaced Yemenis.

A little analysis will lead the reader to understand that furthering the Houthi-Iranian interests and demands is subtext of most of the western writings and remarks about the Yemeni war.

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