Press Summary: ‘Signs of preparations for a new war’

Press Summary: ‘Signs of preparations for a new war’

  1. Big Emirati arms shipments have arrived to the hands of the STC militia in Aden, as the STC encourages terror gangs in Abyan and launches a fierce media campaign against Shabwah. All those are signs of preparations for a new war [against the government]/Tweet by former Transport Minister Saleh Aljabwani.
  2. The Houthi [leader Abdulmalik] begins to bury the evidences of his crimes by getting rid of his men for dirty assignments. An example is what happened to Sultan Zaben and Afrah al-Harazi./Alhekman Net website.
  3. A Houthi leader from south Yemen-based Hashemites accuses members of the Houthi ‘Political Council’ of poisoning him./Anaween Post.
  4. An Iranian religious official indicates his country’s intentions to open a branch for Azad, an Iranian university, in Yemen’s city of Sana’a controlled by the Houthi militia/News Line.
  5. Writer Ali al-Amran: Reaching peace with Houthis is not possible and surrender to Houthis is impossible./Voice of Freedom
  6. The [UAE’s] STC militia in Aden accused the army of seeking to control Ahwar town in Abyan and vowed “to not stay idle” calling on its forces to “rise the level of combat readiness.” /Multiple websites.
  7. The fighting among rival Houthi factions. Where is it going to end?/Yemen TV channel’s website.
  8. Signs of a new war in Yemen’s south with UAE support and Saudi collusion./Yemen News Agency (YNA).
  9. The government forces in Taiz secure a strategic gain against Houthis by controlling strategic high grounds in al-Ahkoom area /Multiple websites.
  10. Heavy clashes in Yemen’s Red Sea port of Mocha continues between the “Republican Guards” and tribal chieftain Alkharj, both affiliated to the UAE. /Multiple websites.
  11. A Houthi self-styled judge orders defusing rhetoric against a gang accused of trying to slaughter a girl in her workplace in Sana’a/Anaween Post.
  12. In this video, a woman says [Houthi leader] Sultan Zaben ‘forced me to kiss his foot to tell me he did not rape my daughter.” /Almashehad Alkhaleeji



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