Shrouded in mystery, big arms shipment arrives in Yemen’s Mocha seaport

Shrouded in mystery, big arms shipment arrives in Yemen’s Mocha seaport

A big arms shipment has arrived in Yemen’s Red Sea port of Mocha controlled by the UAE-affiliated “Republican Guards” militia over the past days, informed sources said.

One source said 30 containers of arms arrived in the seaport and “two containers are now being transported to [the southern] Aden city everyday.” Aden city is controlled by another UAE-affiliated militia, known as the Southern Transitional Council. While the goal of the arms shipment is not known, the UAE’s STC militia in the south supplies arms to Iran’s Houthi militia in the north and both militia’s are fighting the Yemeni government and people.

On April three, military sources in Yemen’s central Taiz governorate said they have intercepted an arms shipment on a truck en route from Aden to Houthis in the north. The smugglers carrying official traffic permits from the UAE’s Support Brigades of the Security Belt militia confessed to having smuggled 29 truckloads of arms to Houthis. The shipments contained UAVs, night vision googles, mortar rounds and other ammunitions.

A maximalist international conspiracy has ensured that arms sales flow to all outlawed groups and militias in Yemen save the country’s legitimate army. 

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