Political groups threaten boycott of any deal that ignores Taiz siege

Political groups threaten boycott of any deal that ignores Taiz siege

Yemeni political parties have threatened to boycott any deal  the UN Special Envoy brokers between the government and the Houthis if the deal ignores the Houthi militia's years strangling siege around Taiz city.


In a statement, the main 10 parties including the GPC, the Islah, and Yemen Socialist Party said they "will not consider to any [peace] proposal … that ignores the systematic abuses of human rights in Taiz .. such as the Houthi closure of roads and corridors in the face of people, trucks carrying goods and basic provisions."

The parties attacked Griffiths for including in his UN Security Council briefing the humanitarian issues that Houthis use as a medium to realize their goals such as "the opening of Sana'a Airport and Hodeidah Airport while turning a blind eye to the offenses Houthis commit in other Yemeni provinces including in the besieged Taiz.

The statement said Houthis also block "the delivery of drinking water from wells in their controlled parts" of Taiz, "indiscriminately shell Taiz's neighborhoods, schools and public crowds with rockets and heavy shells killing and injuring people continuously with women and children representing "majority of the victims."

The parties said they were shocked that the "Taiz cause, at least mentioned in the Griffiths briefing to the Security Council and in the Stockholm talks, has now been relegated to the point of dropping it altogether from the ongoing talks."

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